What is Drum Music all About?

Drum Music is a collective. Drum music is a monthly nightclub event. Drum Music is the meeting of roots and dance music. Drum music aims to bring people together to be entertained, informed and inspired.

Drum Music CrowdDrum Music represents a wide mix of styles and forms of music. We have made and broken a mould in creating a platform to showcase diversity in music at one event. At a Drum Music event you can experience music that was cut that week onto dub plate and music that has a history of hundreds of years.

Drum Music breaks down barriers and aims to include as many different people as possible. We seek to create an audience who wishes to broaden their musical understanding and isn’t afraid to discover unfamiliar sounds, both old and new.

TananteWe aim to bring you quality events, music and performances with a good atmosphere and a high production value; using comfortable, friendly venues and the best sound systems and quality visuals. We seek to support the finest, most honest and humble talent out there.

Our collective is made up of people who have vast experience in that which they represent. Our collective knowledge is deep and broad with members who have built and run organisations that reach into wider communities and continue our mission to unify people through music and understanding.

Selly & Jason Singh BeatboxersIf you want learn more about Drum Music the best thing to do is get yourself down to experience one of our events. Otherwise have a look about the site and check out some of the links to our friends and family.

In the spirit of peace, unity, understanding and damn fine parties
Drum Music.

 ©2007 Drum Music